How to Choose Women’s Running Clothing

Women’s running clothing has been getting more suitable, comfortable and attractive over recent years as some of the large sports clothing manufacturers have noticed the boom in women’s running.  You can now buy good quality women’s running clothing from a dedicated running shop, quality independent sports store or sometimes even within large department stores. You’ll also find a growing number of online stores selling specialist womens running clothing.There are a number of factors to consider when choosing clothes for running. Firstly the most important factor is that your running clothes do they job they were made to do, whether that is to provide comfort, support, warmth or cushioning.Go to a running shop, specialist retailer or online store that has a large range of womens running clothing and specialists who can provide unbiased advice. Many large running shops have separate sections for women and some even organize women’s only nights where you have the opportunity to talk to other people about the types of clothes and trainers they wear.  You can also pick up advice from other women in your local gym and running club.The first factor to consider is the cut of the garment and its features. Each running brand is different and you want to look for something with a cut to suit your figure. Many women find a couple of quality brands that suit their figure and try to buy most of their clothing from these brands. With advances in technology there are many new, breathable fabrics available, many of these include innovative features such as extra pockets for keys and mobile phones, reflectors and even satellite navigation built in!Comfort and durability are also really important factors. It vitally important that all of your running clothes are comfortable to wear. You will be really putting the fabric through its paces during you run and you want to ensure if won’t rub in sensitive areas and will not fall apart after a few training sessions.Cost has a big influence on a purchase. Its worth spending a little to ensure you get a fit for purpose, well built and durable product, however you don’t need to spend a fortune to get good running clothing Look around your local running stores and specialist sports retailers for sales and end of season discounts. You can also find deals by shopping online, but make sure you know your size and shape before ordering as it can be difficult to return some items.It’s important to remember that different women will suit different types of women’s running clothes. If you visit a specialist running retailer they should have female staff that will be able to advise on the best brands and cuts to suit your size, shape, running style and of course personal taste preferences.Over the next few years there will be more and more women’s running clothing released by the major sports and running manufacturers. This competition can only help to ensure that womens running clothing continues to improve and can rival mens clothing for fit, comfort, durability and innovative features.

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